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Sharepoint 2007 List Data Exporter Importer Tool

Command line tool written in C#, Imports and Exports data to Sharepoint Farms via it's SP's Web Services.

To export

Type the following :

DataExporterImporter.exe export ExportQuerySample.xml ExportedData.xml

The first parameter tells the utility that you want to export some data.

The second parameter is to a connections xml file.

The Project includes a file called ExportQuerySample, this is where you specify the Windows Authenicated Sharepoint Server URL you wish to connect to, The Subsite of where the list you want to export is located, the actual List name along with the Fields you wish to export.

There is also a CAML section which allows you to filter what data is exported, To build the CAML query, consider using U2U Caml Builder as the generated CAML can be dropped straight into the connection file without modification.

The third parameter is the name of the file the exported data will be saved to, the file can be hand edited.

To import

DataExporterImporter.exe import ImportQuerySample.xml ExportedData.xml

Parameter 1 : Indicates you wish to import the data.

Parameter 2: connection file which defines which Sharepoint server etc you wish to import the data into.

There is a CAML element in the ImportQuerySample.xml however this is not used by the import!

Parameter 3: Is the File which contains the data you wish to import.

Please note this program is a quick a dirty version, please beaware it has been designed to throw unhandled exceptions!

This tool only came about in order to get a job done quickly, however I am hoping in future to clean up the code and extend the project where needed in time, thanks for taking a look I hope you can get some mileage out of it in it's current state.

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